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FM Cosmetics products are all made by a company called DROM – has anyone heard of them?  Until I joined the company I had not heard of them but they are one of the world’s largest fragrance manufacturers.  They are a very forward thinking and ethical company.  There is no animal testing for any of their products and they are pioneers in the field of ‘pureganics’ which means they produce their plant fragrance crops without the use of any pesticides, herbicides or fertilizer, thereby ensuring the purest and most natural of ingredients.  Also all our packaging is made from re-cycled packaging and can be recycled again!

DROM produce fragrances for many of the worlds leading fragrance houses such as Gucci and Escada as well as being commissioned to create unique fragrances for many of today’s celebrities!

FM Cosmetics are very proud to be associated with DROM – a company that has created some of the world’s most memorable fragrances!

Today you have the opportunity to select your own unique signature fragrance from our range of over 160 different perfumes.  In fact, when you see our prices you will probably want to indulge yourself with several fragrances –one for every day wear, one to go with your ‘little black dress’  and one for those VERY special occasions!  Don’t forget your partner and children too.  We have fragrances for Men, Women and Children and in many cases we have the matching layering products such as Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Deodorant, Hand Cream and even fragranced Hair Spray!

As you may already know, perfumes all fall into ‘families’ of fragrance such as Floral, Oriental, Citrus, Woody, Chypre and Fougere.  You will probably already have a favourite fragrance type that you know suits you well.  There will also be some fragrances that will never suit you – the ones that smell great on your friends but somehow change into something awful when you put them on?  This is because we are all individuals and our body oils react differently to the ingredients in each fragrance.  This is why it is always best to try a fragrance on your skin before you purchase it.  You are welcome to try on as many perfumes as you like today but, because it can be difficult to remember which fragrance you have put where, I will give you a pen and paper shortly so you can record the fragrance number of each sample and its position.   A very important point to note is that all of our fragrances have a higher amount of perfume content than the equivalent products in the high street – this means that they will last much longer on the skin so you can use it more sparingly than an ordinary fragrance.

For comparison:

EDT or Eau De Toilette, which is the most common and cheapest fragrance that most Perfume Houses sell contains on average only 3-8% of perfume essence.  FM Cosmetics don’t even sell this quality of fragrance.

EDP or Eau De Parfum generally contains around 10-15% of perfume essence in the most popular designer brands.  FM Cosmetics have a minimum of 16% perfume essence in the EDP range.

Parfum, the most expensive perfume product, can have anywhere from 10-20 % of perfume essence content but this varies widely amongst producers so FM Cosmetics have a standardised 20% + perfume essence in all of their Perfumes, thus assuring you of the highest quality at all times.

Now that you know that our fragrances are made by the same company that makes most of the designer brands out there, does it make you wonder why the High Street charge so much for them?

I can shed a little light on that for you.  Many fragrances come in very beautiful, distinctive packaging that looks great on your dressing table.  Let me ask you a question – do you wear the bottle when you go out?  Designer fragrances are usually advertised by models or actresses or endorsed by high profile sportsmen – they don’t do this for nothing!  When you buy your fragrance in the High Street you are paying for the cost of the packaging, the models, actresses and sportsmen who promote it and you are also paying for the rent on the shop, the assistant’s wages who sell it to you and profit to the manufacturer, profit to the wholesaler and profit to the retailer – no wonder perfume is traditionally so expensive!

FM Cosmetics buy fragrances directly from DROM, we don’t advertise or spend excessive amounts of money on packaging, and we bring our products directly to you in your own home – how good is that?  To top it off, when you host a presentation, you will get 30 percent off the products of your choice – we believe in spoiling our customers!

I love my job, and get to meet people on a regular basis.

I also enjoy being able to purchase high quality fragrances at a huge discount and being able to wear my ‘best’ fragrance on an every day basis.

Being a member of FM Cosmetics means that I can buy gifts for my friends and family at big, big discounts too.

Because I have my own business with FM, it means I can work when I like, with people that I like, increase my income when I like and take holidays when I like!  This business gives me freedom, the freedom to choose and that’s a luxury that many of us just don’t have.

Perfumes Glossary

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It is equivalent to a chord in music. An accord in perfumery describes a balanced complex of 3 or 4 fragrance notes which loose their individual identity to create a completely new, unified odour impression. Each component material is in balance and harmony with each other so that no single component can be detected.

• Top note is strongest when a fragrance is first applied • Middle note develops next and will last for a few hours • Base note lasts all day


Perfume (Extract): Most highly concentrated form of fragrance, containing a high percentage of perfume compounds (about 20-50%), the strongest and the longest lasting. Eau de Parfum: An alcoholic perfume solution containing a relatively high percentage of perfume compound (about 10-15%). Eau de Toilette: An alcohol/water based perfume solution containing a moderate percentage perfume compound (about 3-8%). Cologne (Women’s): A light form of specific fragrance with a relatively low concentration of perfume compound (about 3%) in an alcohol water base. The term is derived from Eau de Cologne, one of the original fragrance compositions. Compound: Term used in the industry for the concentrated perfume or flavour mixture before it is diluted or used in products. Cologne (Men’s): More concentrated than the women’s cologne (about 5-8%). It is similar to the strength of a women’s Eau de Toilette. A men’s After Shave by comparison will be somewhat lighter (about 3-5%). Pheromones: Chemicals produced by living organisms and are used to transmit messages to other member of the same species. Nature has provided them so that we can communicate rapidly and efficiently by means of scents. The secret to pheromones lies in their discreet strength and the way they affect our personal environment.


Chypre: The basic chypre accord consists of a combination of fresh notes (example: citrus) and a mossy-woody complex. The inspiration of 20th century chypre-type perfumes is ‘Chypre de Coty’, created by Francois Coty, launched in 1917. Citrus: Fragrance accords are reminiscent of fresh impressions coming from citrus peels, example: Lemon, Bergamot, Orange, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Lime. Floral: Fragrance accords are reminiscent of flowers, such as the “first ladies of flowers”: Jasmine, Rose, Tuberose and Ylang-Ylang. Floriental: It is a lighter variant of the typically heavy Oriental type of perfume, in which floral notes are accentuated. Fougère: It is a French word meaning ‘fern’. Fragrance accords result from a harmonious blend of fern-like notes blended with herbal notes such as Lavender. It was coined after Houbigant’s ‘Fougère Royale’ a century ago. One of the first modern fougère perfumes to become highly popular was the masculine fragrance ‘Brut’, launched by Fabergé in 1964. Fruity: It refers to sweet or sour edible fruit odours (excluding citrus), example: apple, berries or melons. Oriental: Fragrance accords create corresponding associations by the interplay of balsamic, sweet and ambery aspects, example: wood, benzoin, tolu, amber, and vanilla, often contrasted with fresh, citrus aspects. These fragrances tend to be more heavy and intense. Woody: It refers to the aroma of freshly cut, dry woods such as Cedarwood, Patchouli, Vetiver or Sandalwood.


• Coffee will help to clear the nostrils between scents. • Place your fragrance on pulse points, inside wrists, back of knees, and behind your ears. • When you spray perfume into your hair, every time you turn your head you will release fragrance. • When applying perfume you should never rub. Rubbing crushes the molecules of fragrance and ruin the scent • You should test the perfume on yourself, not your friend. Perfumes will smell different on different people. • Store perfume at room temperature and not directly in sunlight. • When choosing a perfume for someone else, chose the lighter floral fragrances, they are acceptable for everyone. Heavier perfumes with oriental notes are more risky.

Popular Perfumers

Perfumers Today

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A perfume is a material which produces an aromatic odor. It is a volatile liquid that is either created by making use of flower extractions or manufactured synthetically, being volatile, they have a finite lifespan. Whichever the way of manufacture, perfumes have always been a favourite of mankind down the ages and is considered to be in a heady world of its own. Worn to impart a pleasant smell to the body, perfumes are an infusion of fragrant oils, solvents and aroma compounds in specific proportions.

The word perfume is a derivation from the Latin word “per fumum” which simply means ‘smoke’. Although the creation of perfumes, or perfumery as it is known, originated as an art in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, it became more refined and underwent great development in the hands of the Romans and Persians, and to a certain extent, the East Asians too.

Today, perfumes have formed an integral part of our daily life and we all tend to use it in one form or the other. Some of the most common perfumes that are extremely popular today are:

FM Perfume- now a leading fragrance producer globally in the DROM manufacturing facility. The group was founded in Munich, Germany by leading pharmacist Bruno Storp Snr. The third generation of the family now runs the business, namely Dr. Ferdinand Storp, and Andreas Storpa. All FM products are produced by DROM, a world leading perfumery.

Reaching out to the world, Drom has strategically placed perfumers based in New York, Sydney, Munich and Paris, with active agents worldwide. Creating top quality perfumes, then distributing by multi level marketing has proved enormously successful for the group. In the past few years, FM has established itself as a major retailer in Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the US.

Creed perfumes- this is a special favorite among the male world. Most of the fragrances targeted towards the males, make use of this making it the most well-liked male fragrance at the moment.

Chanel perfume- this is considered to be one of the best perfumes at any time. Its popularity has never ever decreased and even today, it can be seen that it is really sought after by the world market.

Forever perfumes-  This is one perfume that is well known for its meticulous quality, value and style, thanks to its creator, Alfred Sung who is known for his clean and straight creations.

Curious perfumes- This is a perfume which has been rapidly gaining grounds over the years and is considered as an innovation from Elizabeth Arden and Britney Spears. It is expected to grow in popularity in the future chiefly due to its heady scent that is sure to attract women.

Blueberry perfumes- These perfumes are considered to be very popular among its consumers. The main perfumes catered to by this are brut, weekend, London and Touch. The brut perfume especially, is considered to be a great favorite among people.

Guerlain Perfumes- Founded by Pierre-Francois Guerlain in 1828, this is a well known perfume house which has over 300 perfumes to its credit. ‘Jicky’, Mitsouko, Shalimar, Samsara, etc  are some of the most famous fragrances brought out by this perfumer.

Molinard- This is a famous French perfume house which has been in the limelight since 1849. Its clientele included Queen Victoria and several other dignitaries. One of the famous fragrances brought about by this prestigious perfume house was Habanita and Molinard de Molinard.

Perfume Creation

Perfume Manufacturing

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The manufacture of perfumes is considered to be a task fit for an expert and able perfumers are much in demand by needy clients for their ability to bring out the best scent in a beautiful bottle.

Step 1

The first step towards the manufacture of a perfume starts with the collection of required ingredients to be used in the scent. This is important because the smell of the perfume may be based on its ingredients which can either be one scent or a mix of hundreds of separate scents. Ingredients can be sourced from either plant sources, animal sources, other natural sources or even synthetic sources since the choice of natural sources are severely restricted to about 2000 in number. Scents that are not found in any natural source can also be created synthetically. Similarly, scents like musk, civet, etc comes from animal sources like the deer or the civet cat. They work towards decreasing the evaporation process and are used as fixatives to extend the duration of the scent. Coal tar, mosses, resins, or chemicals too are used as fixatives.


Step 2


The next step in the manufacture of perfumes is the extraction of oils from the collected ingredients. Methods used for this purpose vary with the type of ingredients. Steam distillation involves transferring the essential oils into a gaseous form and then bringing it back to a liquid state. Sometimes the method of solvent extraction is employed where the flowers are dissolved in benzene or petroleum and then the oil is separated by the use of ethyl alcohol which is further heated to leave behind highly concentrated perfume oil. Another method used to extract oil is Enfleurage where a glass sheet coated with grease is used. Flowers are spread on this sheet and the grease absorbs its fragrance. Maceration is yet another method used to extract oil where the smell of the flower is absorbed by heated fats. In the method of Expression which is the oldest method of extraction of oils, the flowers are pressed until the oil is squeezed out.

The Final Stage

The oils after extraction from the ingredients, are blended and mixed with alcohol, in specific ratios according to the requirement and they are kept aside for aging. Aging can be anytime from several months to years. In between, they are tested periodically in a thoroughly professional manner to determine the perfect scent. Once that is achieved, they are transferred to attractive bottles which enter the market for sale.

The process of manufacture of perfumes is indeed a delicate one and requires great skill and expertise. These days, a lot of manufacturers are also depending on synthetic ingredients to create perfumes chiefly due to the economic viability.

Perfume For Women

History Of Perfume

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Some researchers believe that a woman’s reason for the attraction to perfume is because of the natural pheromones our bodies produce. At certain times, specific scents or perfumes can trigger increased pheromone volumes in the female body.

Assuming that perfumes really do help in increasing the production of female pheromone levels, the greatest asset is surely the attention that the scent arouses in both women and men. Attention and desire level improvements then add to the overall feel good factor.

According to recent buyer behavior studies, at least 80% of women buy perfume regularly, and at least once per year.

The main reason given for wearing perfume is to feel good, and confident, by smelling beautiful, and many are reported to feel slightly more feminine by wearing a favorite perfume.

The knowledge of smelling great makes a woman feel good about herself, but it can make her feel more attractive also.

Perfumes In The Past

Mankind’s use of scents, aromas and fragrances has been documented for many centuries, but when, and why people started to prepare and use them seems lost to us.   Over the years, more evidence has been unearthed, through archeological findings, as well as old texts written by our ancestors, that has revealed just how aromas and perfumes were being used.

In the some ancient civilizations, beautifully scented flowers, herbs and even spices were harvested by people to worship their Gods, these plants, when burned, often released powerful aromas. These heavily scented fires progressed to become a main part of some religious activities. Think incense.

It is documented that the ancient Egyptians and Assyrian’s used scented oils. These may have had medical value, or well being, just like today. Because the production of scented oils took off, the need for more material, and better scent extraction methods rose to meet demand.

New scent, and oil extraction processes like decoction, pulverization, mechanical pressing, and maceration were not only developed by these two civilizations, but mastered as well. Records show that early attempts of perfume extraction by distillation were also practiced.

Less well documented was the Chinese use of herbs, and scents in their medicines, and culture. Coupled with the many fragrant spices, available there must have been a very early Chinese perfume industry.

Back in Europe, the use of perfumes spread to Greece, these were used in the Greek religion, and for personal purposes too.

When the Romans discovered what the Greeks were practicing, they began to use perfumed fragrances even more lavishly. There are several Roman manuscripts documenting the herbs which they farmed, and harvested from all over the world enable production of the exotic fragrances they craved.

The collapse of the Roman empire saw a sharp decline in the use of fragrances, as the oppressed people of Europe became anti Roman, and they dropped the imposed Roman culture that had been forced upon them. This era was aptly known as the dark ages.

The middle ages saw the perfumes of the world back in regular use, both in religious ceremonies, and in personal hygiene, where masking the natural body odors was prevelant. Disease was rife, and a perfume could overpower the stench of poor sanitary conditions and zero personal hygiene.

At the start of the 13th century, trade with the far East was resumed, and more exotic scents were available from the many oriental flowers, trees and herbs. At this time, Venice established itself as the perfume capitol of the world, and visitors exported the fashionable scents to their countries, establishing perfume as a part of European culture.

By the late 18th Century, the modern perfumed fragrance was being produced synthetically, and this was the start of perfumery in the modern age. Synthetic materials introduced into the production of perfumes, not only enhanced the smell, they prolonged the product life, and made mass production a reality.

Natural products were, of course used, as they are today, but the cost of these odors, made the perfumes of yesteryear a pleasure only for the rich and Royalty.

So many formulations of today rely very heavily on synthetics, and they comprise the backbone of the modern perfumery industry. Pure blends can still be found, and are classified under the perfume oils category.

Shopping For Perfumes

Perfume Shopping Tips

Perfume Party

A preferred gift to present whatever the affair, whether it’s a birthday, Valentine’s, Christmas or anniversary, is scent. Colognes are superb presents to enjoy as well as are very much loved most especially when it turns out to be your favorite fragrance.

Providing perfume as a present recognizes no boundaries whatever your given gender-specific, allegiance, race, religion or age. Both men, and women get a kick out of donning their chosen scent, also young ones at that. Fragrance though is something personalized given that each person has their own personal desire. This is the reason why, some are reluctant to buy perfumes as a present for fear that it may not be exactly what the end user likes. But once you understand the recipient’s favorite options, offering fragrance as a present will consistently be welcomed with open arms.

In your perfume shopping choice, there are several necessary steps to consider. Secretly secure info about what preferred scent or scents the gift recipient likes to wear. Therefore as not to give the game away, you can casually pop the question over a casual conversation or if you happen to be living with that individual you can do some inspection by scanning his or her bed room on what type of perfume he or she likes.

If there is that one certain fragrance that the recipient adores, acquire a bottle of it, and you are all set.

You can easily purchase the scent from your favored local perfume outlet or store or you could acquire one online and also have it delivered directly to the recipient. You’ll be impressed at the many outstanding packages and markdowns that you may discover being offered on the web. Plus, you have a whole lot even more options.

Consistently check out the return policy, if you are uncertain on whether or not the recipient will like the fragrance label you selected.

Here are some additional valuable techniques. If the fragrance recipient happens to be in a very close relationship with you, like for example, a friend or your daughter, and also you didn’t find out what he or she specifically likes, choose a scent that you prefer. Simply make certain though that you could well come back and also have it exchanged in case the recipient doesn’t share your taste.

The selected fragrance must be appropriate for the recipient’s age. The young ones literally favor light odors over the heavy ones. If uncertain of your recipient’s taste choose eau de toilette or eau de cologne rather than EDP, eau de parfum, which is the very strong smelling type, with more perfume oils.

Please, bear in mind that a perfume’s price can vary widely. You can easily locate some for less than $ 10 while others are able to set you back hundreds of dollars.

Choosing the ideal perfume could never be an effortless job. There are plenty of variables to consider. However it can be fulfilling and also enjoyable, too. Your scent exposes a trait, relating to your personality, or just what you choose it to be. Don’t forget additionally that certain active ingredients in scents influence or stimulate different kinds of senses and sensations in people. For example, spicy odors like musk are believed to be aphrodisiacs, while fruity odors are soothing, fresh, yet sensual. You have to choose the correct kind of perfume that will match your personality and your intentions, too.

The first thing to take into consideration when choosing cologne is that you have to not become too influenced by what perfume ads are telling you. It’s a significant bad move to acquire fragrances without sampling them to begin with. Never rely on a fragrance’s summary in a newsletter or on TV. You need to test and smell the scents on your own, to be sure that you’re obtaining the right kind of perfume that suits you and also your character. When testing new odors, think about just how you would describe them. If you try out a perfume and you assume the words “hot”, “fresh”, or “fun”, you could be around the area of the younger female market.

Try to consider what kinds of scents or smells you actually like or are drawn to. Analysis can be an extremely useful device. Tons of fragrances, especially those that are popular nowadays, are based on the fragrance of vanilla. Do you like smelling of cake? Or possibly you prefer the fragrance of the ocean? If so, then, oceanic smells may bode well for you. You may think that you would not would like to smell like tea leaves or apples, but these ingredients can uncover ideas to just what scent is right for you. Another crucial point: never expect that just because your friend’s perfume smells heavenly, it will do the same for you.

Take into account the season. During the summer time, fresh, fruity, as well as flower scents function ideal and also are fit for the season. Spicier as well as warmer cents are suited for the colder months. Some perfumers say this merits your whereabouts; if you’re living in tropical environments, for instance, wearing fruity and fresh odors will typically be the most reliable alternative.

Age tends to likewise be a factor when deciding on colognes. Not all perfumes are suited for all types and also age groups. An oriental perfume could come off as too advanced for an adolescent, for example. These scents are able to have very strong odors, and also are normally suited for intimate, special celebrations. Green perfumes, on the other hand, are light, refreshing, and also are more appropriate for teenage girls.

So, just how can you check colognes? Refuse those bit of cardboard pieces that some salespeople might furnish you, always try it out on your skin. Splash it on your arm where the skin is warm, so that it will diffuse the scent quicker. Don’t scrub it into your skin. Yet do not smell the cologne right away after you splash it on, either. Wait for a number of minutes or also for a minute. Smelling the cologne when you put it on your skin will simply overwhelm your senses with the alcohol content of the formula. You may try on two scents, however, but spray either one on each wrist. And also don’t try beyond two; your nostrils may have puzzled, plus you’ll go out of the store smelling like a cologne factory.

Another interesting thing you should remember. As soon as you apply a scent, leave it a good 1/2 hour. If you can not smell practically anything by that time, but other people can, then that scent is probably the right one for you!

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